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Innovate & Simplify
  • We establish a common vocabulary for all team members fostering full understanding of the issues and objectives. 
  • We utilize a workshop environment to ensure all participants are fully engaged. 
  • We employ pull planning techniques, lean project principles and immersive sessions to arrive at fully formed concepts. 
  • We explore with you health technology, the evaluation of health information systems, telehealth, the electronic medical record (EMR) and quality metrics/analytics to support and ensure the most efficient and safe patient care delivery. 
  • We partner with Epidemiologists and Infection Control experts.
  • Working with your team we work to meet your strategic goals through facility implementation.


Working Smart
  • We engage your multidisciplinary teams and architects during the concept/planning and design stage  to explore, operationalize and optimize your plan developed in the translation phase. 
  • We use our expertise as Black and Green Belt experts in LEAN SIX SIGMA principles to support and guide your change management process.
  • We use an Operational Simulation tool to make informed decisions on your costs.
  • We use workshops for interdepartmental clinical/non-clinical operational planning so all are engaged in the design of workflows and patient and staff safety.


Collaborative Celebration
  • We work with you in a Committee model for the final step of moving you into your new space where you will experience a pleasant transformation that ensures patient and staff safety and a positive experience for patients, staff and visitors.
  • Ta-dah! Collaborative Celebration

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