The 3T-HEALTH Approach:
Bringing Clarity to Complexity for Health Care Facility Projects


We establish common vocabulary.


We are the common thread throughout.


Innovative we are-common we are not.

We Are Happy You Are Here  

Welcome! We’re happy to introduce you to 3T-HEALTH. We work with health care clients, architects and construction leaders, separately or as a team, providing project management and operational planning that helps you expand or remodel more effectively and efficiently.

We bring over 30 years of hands on experience as a clinician and an administrator in patient care and change management. We find that working as early as possible in the concept phase with you, architects/planners, and construction leaders makes the most sense.  This approach saves time, money, and avoids unforeseen changes that can be costly. For instance, it takes several months to years for the development of a building, where it is not unusual for leadership changes to occur that may impact the original strategic plan. We are the common thread throughout the entire time frame of the ”concept-planning-design-build” workflow, helping you and your team remain focused on core project goals.

We are passionate about our work.  We’ve been on the provider side, as a nurse caring for patients and finding more efficient workflows, as well as an administrator working with finances, processes and people. Our core work is patient care delivery and staff efficiency that translates into safety, quality and an outcome that is seamless and efficient.

The 3T model starts with Translation where ideas turn into action. We help you develop a common vocabulary of words, phrases and critical thinking processes that maximize efficiency and create functional systems. For example, an electronic medical information system has the ability to impact everything and everyone. By implementing automatic patient ”check in” it reduces the size of waiting rooms saving dollars in ”square footage” while improving patient satisfaction waiting times. 

Transition is all about working smarter, engaging the right people and multidisciplinary teams to operationalize the strategic plan. For example, the involvement of EVS, dietary, laboratory and pharmacy with clinical and non-clinical staff, during the planning of spaces and processes is vital.  Each group has their focus and bringing them all together results in a more integrated and efficient solution.

Then finally, the Transformation takes what has been accomplished in the previous two models into an implementation process that results in a smooth move-in, and a system activation where staff fully integrate into their new spaces and environment.  Ta-dah! A collaborative celebration.

We specialize in health care project management and healthcare operational planning. Please let us know how we can assist you. No project is too small. Email us at 3T-Health.


Ambulatory Surgical Centers


Nursing Homes

Medical Practices

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The Value We Bring to You & Your Team

• We are a small company with over 30 years of personal experience, low overhead and pure focus on you.

• We engage the right people and multidisciplinary teams to maximize your needs and minimize your meeting times.

• We define hidden costs early by being resourceful and knowledgeable in technology, health care systems and operations utilizing process improvement models for change management that save you time and money.

• We explore with you innovative ideas to transform you into a thoughtful continuous improvement organization that allows you to do the right thing every day.

3T-HEALTH brings hands on experience and expertise in healthcare design projects and clinical services. Learn more about us.

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Specializing in healthcare project management, operational planning, and consulting that helps you expand or remodel more effectively and efficiently.

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